How should I define myself?

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I’m 16, and I’m a bit of a unique blend of things. I’m the art kid, the tree-hugging hippie, the punk rocker, the goth who writes stories in the corner, and the anime freak all in one. How would someone like me define myself? I don’t mean a label or anything like that, labels are for posers. I just don’t really know where I stand in the grand scheme of things.
To dink2925:
I do not claim to know what the world is about, and I highly doubt that you are some enlightened, omniscient being that knows the meaning of life either. As for being a child, there is a child in all of us and I am no exception. If you have let the child in you die, then you are not experiencing the magic this life has to offer and therefore, I feel very sorry for you.
To everyone else:
Thank you so much for your guidance, advice, and compliments; they have been really helpful!

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You should define ones self through actions. everbody is a unique blend of things you fit into society where you choose to, you sound like an interesting person and nobody knows where they stand in the grand scheme of things just enjoy your life live it to the full if you like to travel then save up an do it , if you like to write then set yourself a goal in writing a short story etc no one can really tell you how to define yourself you have to figure out your path on your own


You should be defined as a child who hasn’t a clue what the world is about, a person on the initial edge of adulthood who’s is still very deeply involved in very childish things. In other words, you are a child who doesn’t need definition and need not be taken seriously.


Hi! Just be yourself. Best wishes!


It’s a good sign that you’re thinking about this rather than following others and defining yourself by them. However, I would recommend you stop trying to define yourself as one thing. However, contrary to what many will tell you, nor would I recommend you define yourself with the pat, catch-all phrase that you’re a ‘complex and wonderful human being’ – blech!
Instead let me say this: what you’re doing is trying to ‘find yourself’, which, although it sounds trite, is actually very precise; not only are you trying to pinpoint your stengths and weaknesses, you’re trying to do so with a mind to becoming a worthy person in the human collective. It is one thing to want to feel a sense of belonging (for which you can join a football supprters club et al.) but another altogether to be something others can benefit from. Too many people in the west (and perhaps everywhere) are of the opinion that life is about their own interests. Your life will be more rewarding if you behave in a way that makes you loved by others, than it will be if your only interest is in loving yourself. Think about how many people you want to turn up at your funeral. A selfish person may have lots of fun but who wants a funeral like that of Scrooge (from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol)?
Know that a person is defined by their *actions*, not their words, nor their myth of self (what they think of themselves). If you’re creative but don’t actually make anything, you could call yourself an artist, but you won’t *be* one. Hugging trees isn’t the same as *planting* trees (the former is easy, the latter takes effort).
NB. Please don’t call those who find comfort in labels ‘losers’; they are on the same journey of life that you’re on, and their label could well be a ‘resting point’.
P.S. People have natural traits, born skills. A part of finding yourself is to examine what you are best at. It’s no good wanting to be a great guitarist, for example, if you have no natural aptitude for it; no amount of practice can alter your inherent aptitudes. Also, fear not if your inherent skills turn out to be of the ‘common’ sort. Not everyone can be a great writer, poet, muscian, etc. (and it would be a poor world if they were). You’ll be better off to yourself and to others doing what you’re best at, than striving to attain futile goals. Many would tell you to strive for your dreams and never give up but this is actually a pretty unwise message; those who succeed do so because they always had the potential. They are far outnumbered by those who fail in misery.

David S

You can define or think of yourself as an open minded free spirit. A lover of life and a go-getter. A doer.
(Like my mom.)


You sound bright and creative, and you can write and spell really well! If you have wide tastes and interests that just makes you a potentially more interesting person.
Good wishes and good luck!


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