Home Discussion Forum How should I attach a gemstone(Rose Quartz) to a necklace?

How should I attach a gemstone(Rose Quartz) to a necklace?

I have shaped and polished a Rose Quartz, but not sure how I should attach it. if I should drill a hole in the Gemstone or glue a clasp?? I dont want to damage the stone. Thanks.


  1. With wire-wrapping, you could build a decorative cage for it. Twist two wires together so they form an X, put the twist at the bottom, and work the 4 strands of wire up around the stone in a nice design. I’d use 20ga to 24ga wire for this, depending on the size of the stone. At the top, make a nice loop and anchor it. Wrap the other wires around the base of the loop once or twice, and snip them off.
    Feel free to email me (click on my avatar for an email link) if you want more detailed instructions. Please be specific with your question, however, if you do. I recently got one request via email that said “Yes, please. Tell me about it.” Ummmmm, yeah, we had to write back and forth a couple of times before I knew what she wanted.

  2. Do not drill a hole in it.
    You can use a “cage”, as someone else described, or glue on a clasp.
    It depends on how you want it to look.


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