How reiki is helpful in openeing Third Eye Chakra ?







  1. Reiki is helpful to every aspect of a person’s life in general because it promotes rest, healing, and energetic cleanliness. It doesn’t work in one particular area – it works on the whole person. If you receive a Reiki healing from a Reiki practitioner, the energy will perform a temporary healing on your energy field, giving you some healing and some growth. But I really recommend that people get themselves an attunement, which makes you into a Reiki practitioner and allows you to give yourself Reiki as often as you want, any time you want. I go to sleep every night giving myself Reiki, which promotes all my chakras. Also as a Reiki practitioner, I spend more time being sensitive to energies, which help evolve my third-eye chakra. But I don’t think it’s specifically targeted at the third-eye. Hope this is helpful! Blessings!

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