Home Discussion Forum How powerfull is our subconscious mind?

How powerfull is our subconscious mind?

what roles does the subconscious play on your everyday life except for sleeping


  1. i plays a huge part in your day to day life in your body language.
    speech.i was watching a programme a while back that said are sub con is the only part of the brain and it tricked us inot thinking that we a have a concius part that makes rational decisoin.

  2. it determines why you are exactly the way you are. like why you do the things you do, say the things you say, etc in everyday life. your subconscious is a whole other conscious, full of other thoughts that you’re not consciously aware of. so while it’s still affecting you constantly, you don’t consciously know of it, and therefore you can’t know how it’s affecting you and why. it’s a weird thing, you should look it up instead.

  3. The mind is like a see saw. When the subconscious rises the conscious lowers. So the sub is only as powerful as the conscious mind allows. People operate on all levels during the waking hours. Careless people are often too much subconscious and aren’t very aware of things. When the subconscious mind is very active, usually by the energy of emotion, then it can become very hypnotic and people essentially live on autopilot, getting through the day, but not by being very aware. The media is a very strong trigger for the subconscious. They know how to push your buttons, at least in the people that have a low conscious awareness.

  4. Your subconscious mind is very powerfull, it augments our mind for us to do things easier. For example, when you go to your room and it is dark there, your subconscious mind commands you to open the switch. You’re not actually thinking of it. That’s why when its brownout, even you know that it is brownout, you still end up switching the lights on.
    This is indeed beneficial for us. Our main conscious mind can only process a definite number of signals we get from our senses. Our thinking adds to that. Without your subconsciuos mind, you will need to think all the actions your body will do.

  5. believe it or not, most of your day is ruled by your subconscious, also known as habit. For example:
    Do you really think about driving while you are driving? I are aware that you are driving, but do you really pay attention to consistently compensating the wheel for curves, or pressing the brake when you see an upcoming red light? Nope, you are paying attention to your favorite morning radio show, or casually singing along.
    Even more simply, do you concentrate hard to lift your arm to your mouth while drinking the morning coffee? Nope, you are reading your email or newspaper, paying no attention to your arm.
    Our subconscious and habits are extremely powerful. Its due to neuronal connections in your brain. Neurons are constantly passing signals to each other. The more those connecting are used, the stronger they get and the easier they are to use. That’s why practice makes perfect.
    And I’m sure you all have had experiences when you do something without thinking and your excuse is, “oops, habit!” You have to manually override your subconscious to do things out of the ordinary.
    The subconscious really is an awesome thing. It leaves our conscious thought free to do other things, like listen for our bosses/teacher’s approach as we secretly use the internet at work/school!

  6. The subconscious mind is the garden of fertile ground where the seed of thought grow
    it will follow your every command

  7. Our subconscious is more powerful than our waking state, more than you can imagine. it’s there when you’re asleep, or half-asleep, that the threshold or boundary of consciousness and spiritual higher intelligence disappears. Your dreams are a reality in those realms, only you cannot know or interpret what they mean. It is realistic today to speak of the 3rd eye or your psychic awareness where you can see what ordinary mortals cannot see, whether ghosts or other elementals or spirits that exist since time immemorial.
    Don’t underestimate your dreams and meditation. Brain waves can now be scientifically measured in terms of graphs whether your in Alpha (half-asleep), Beta (deeper sleep) until Delta (deep sleep). Open your mind. It is in these sphere of the subconscious that you can delve into the impossible and make your so called PSYCHIC POWERS come alive!

  8. The subconscious is the sift of the state of mind, the referee hiding behind the lines and calling for play to either stop or continue, supervising the conscious mind from it’s vantage point.
    Somehow, currents in the subconscious mind often slip into sequences of the conscious mind and instill clips suddenly and unexpectedly into the fluxion of neurons that are the source the consciousness.
    Further shifting through the thought theater on the conscious circuit, the subconscious reallocates the stack of input from the sensory organs into a subconscious memory where it will be developed as stash for the subconscious mind to work with.
    You mingle in the crowd, process subliminal input and somehow at a later point scaffold the devised unconscious into your act. It is a rather suggestive enrollment of the environment together into the slate of the conscious flux.
    From the testament above, the subconscious apparently evolved to drown the mind in it’s environment so that it is elemental in it’s appraisal of it’s instinctivity and reflexivity.


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