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How powerful is the subconscious mind?

many theorists say that those who have been to Lourdes and claim to have been cured of terminal illness have actually been cured by their own subconcious mind. The reason being that the patient believes 100% that they have been cured by the Holy Water at Lourdes. I am a Catholic, and none of these theories have weakened my faith. But is the subconcious mind that powerful?


  1. It’s just a sprayer of massive lists of possibilities which are filtered for realism by your conscious mind.

  2. it is, delusions (which they are) are quite powerful
    those muslims on the 911 flights were pretty deluded…look what they did.

  3. The sub conscious mind is extreme;y powerful. Your belief in catholicism is nothing but your subconscious mind responding to your cultural hypnosis. The idea that god is real is obviously bogus but because you have been culturally hypnotized by your culture and environment you will not use logic and reason in assessing the validity of your belief.

  4. The creative aspect of the mind is how we are “made in God’s image.” It is very powerful and can heal, create and destroy.


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