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How plausible is the concept of reincarnation? Is it possible?

Can there be reincarnation without a god?
Dumb question, I know. Just curious what you think.


  1. all matter is recycled, if that counts.
    Some of the atoms that make up my spleen were once involved in a dinosaur fight!
    Seriously though no. You are your brain. When that stops working, you stop existing.

  2. I don’t know but for some reson I feel like it’s real. When I’m with my friends and family I sometimes feel like I knew them in another lifetime. We can’t ever really know for sure, so unless it’s proven otherwise then yea it’s possible.

  3. I don’t see why not. The concept of self is ill defined, perhaps your perspective automatically changes to another living being upon death. Honestly, it makes more logical sense to me than nothingness, which I just cannot conceptualize.

  4. Well, there have been some people who believe they are reincarnations of others. One case that sticks out in my mind is a little boy who was a reincarnation of either a previous dalai lama or monk, I forgot which one. The current Dalai Lama saw him and at once said that the boy was a reincarnation of whoever it was. There are a few other cases, too. I’d like to think Reincarnation exists.

  5. Look at the work of Ian Stevenson, University of Virginia. Interesting, but of course not enough to establish anything.
    Buddhists have a rebirth concept, and no concept of God.

  6. Not a dumb question so long as you don’t abandon logical reasoning in processing it.
    Reincarnation offers an explanation for human suffering but aside from that, there have been case studies where children were able to direct people to places, and items in distant locations along with accurate specific details they otherwise would have no way of knowing.
    As compelling as this information might be, I personally have not been convinced but rather think there might be another explanation for this phenomenon. In other words I simply do not know.
    “Free thinking” logical people can often settle into a fundamentalist mindset of dismissing everything, even well documented research findings, when it threatens their tightly knit and vacuumed sealed explanations for “everything” which they tend to describe in absolute terms.
    Quite often the only difference between the absolute atheist and religious zealot screaming at the tops of their lungs with protruding neck veins is the underlying “explanation” they have sold out to and yes “no explanation” can be considered an explanation in itself so none of us is safe from delusion.
    Fact is there is a lot we do not know. History of is filled with both religious and scientific experts who have, at one time or another, claimed that all which can be known about something has already been discovered.
    Max Planck was told during his youth that his interest in physics was a waste of time since physics had already been exhaustively studied during the 19th century.

  7. Plausible as a human belief/yearning…Yes.
    Possible….er, No.
    It is a concept that has risen like any other religious belief – it’s part of human nature, and humanity’s defining tendency to try to understand conscious existence. For ages, lacking any other explanations, it was plausible, and certainly appealing. It even had a utilitarian justification for existing…surviving in people/societies as a successful meme. It helped, to get thru the miseries of life.
    Now, however, it should be viewed as any other religious concept. Technically, agnostically, it could be true. But so could FSM, IPU. (Sorry to pull those examples on you….I know you pay attention to the whole concept of agnosticism/atheism.)
    But no, not a dumb question. Reincarnation is a very appealing thought. It was formed from and appeals to human nature and you are…..human!

  8. Carl Sagan thought so.
    “At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: …. (3) that young children sometimes report the details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any way other than reincarnation. I pick these claims… as examples of contentions that might be true.” – “Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” by Carl Sagan (p. 300)


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