How old is Shamanism?

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…and where did it originate from?

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george p

old as the world it came from native ppl


would love to see more lol


It’s as old as Humanity, my Dear One. Blessings.

Black Dragon

Goes all the way back to the stone age. So several hundred thousand years.

Terry S

Old enough to know that its not of God , What a horrible life to live dressing up as satan to get other ungodly people to like you , What a shame ,Good luck to you

Moiraes Fate

Probably as old as Animism and no one has any idea. Religion has been practiced so long in some form that it’s almost impossible to tell exactly.
roflmao…. dressing up as Satan and dancing… roflmao….. uh huh… methinks some people have alot to learn about the facts of the world.

chris j

well shamanism i believe could have originated in one of 3 places.
as to how old it is every colture has their own belief as to when it started and how long ago it was. but my bet (from a scientific standpoint) is Africa. just because it is largely believed that man originated in Africa.
(the Native Americans have a verbal History that spans 15,000 years.) and even they will say that the African can tell older tales.

Dr. Harner has been recognized as the pioneer and leader of the revival of shamanism since the early 60’s when he chose to immerse himself in tribal spiritual traditions rather than restrict his study to more traditional academic techniques.


newer then throwing feces


Shamanism has occurred in every culture around the world. It is the oldest form of religious practice known to man.


Shamanism, the practice of transcending the spiritual world through assistance from the natural world to invoke powers of healing, gain vision and influence the weather has been around since prehistoric times. An article I read in the newspaper today suggested seventy thousand years and they were specifying Africa…..


As old as mankind.
To be specific, the word “shaman” is taken from Siberia (in Russia). The native Siberian medicine men were called “shamans” in that tradition. The word has come to be used to describe any religion that has shamanistic beliefs and techniques.


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