How old is reincarnation?

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As in, when in history (if we even know) had the idea of reincarnation come about?

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That’s a very primitive superstition, and it probably dates back long before written history.


Ever since we realised that this reality doesn’t follow a linear pattern, but a circular one instead.

Ettan Cole

Reincarnation is often found in Animist religions and Hinduism both are ancient and have no known beginning. So probably a LONG time ago ha.
Hope it helps!

Jabber wock

It’s hard to tell as it pre-dates written records, showing signs of existing in oral traditions.
Quite possibly the idea died off at some point but was brought back to life again.


Reincarnation had its beginnings in Eastern philosophy when the feudal system was in effect. It was started, not by priests as you would think, but by feudal lords. Some of them treated their people under them badly. In order to keep their serfs from revolting, they devised this philosophy. You better not revolt against the lord or you could come back in the next life as an insect. The caste system came about this time or shortly after as well. It kept the people in line thinking that they might come back in the next life in a lower, more miserable caste than they already were.


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