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How old do you think you should be to start taking yoga classes?

I want to take yoga classes, and my friend who is just a year older than me takes them and really enjoys them. She says it relieves stress a lot. That’s something I could use… But my mom thinks that I’m too young to be taking expensive classes for something like that…
Soooo… Just wondering about you opinion…. Also, are there like special yoga classes for young teens or anything?
Annnd how much does it cost?


  • There’s no age limit, but some classes are different, like assorted by age, and i think if your under 14 you need an adult

    just saying im not positive. but im using common sense

  • Well we have yoga classes in my area and you just have to be a teenager or older. If you have the right attitude and put the work in i think anyone can go.

  • You really don’t need to be a specific age to take yoga classes, there are 6 year old’s who take yoga. A young or old teen, we all have stress, trust me… Though I’m sure you already know..

    I’d suggest getting yoga video’s. I’m sure they are less expensive then actually paying for classes. Or go find some online.

  • yoga is a low impact toning exercise..anyone can do it!get active in dance and martial arts too…you will see results very soon…god bless you

  • As long as you’re above 14, I think you can do it.

    I don’t know how much, but you can do it at home. Just look on google for yoga practices.

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