Home Discussion Forum how often should a pregnant woman do yoga?

how often should a pregnant woman do yoga?

im a little out of shape. i wanted to go on a huge life changing mission to lose weight, then i found out i was pregnant. i did yoga before, and i hear that and pilates are the only real thing out there for pregnant women. i cant kickbox like before 🙁 i was thinking 2 classes a week. is that enough or too much?


  1. I did one class a week and felt a difference. Another great one for pregnancy is swimming and aqua-natal (aqua-aerobics for pregnant women). I did one aqua-natal class a week and went swimming once or twice a week. It really helped.

  2. there are a lot of yoga positions that are NOT safe to do when you’re pregnant. make sure you talk to your instructor. tell them your pregnant and ask them to tell you what poses aren’t safe for you as the class is doing them.
    you might also be able to find classes or videos specifically for pregnant women. talk to your instructor and try to find a class in your area.
    please be careful, you can really hurt your baby doing some exercises. talk to your midwife and stay informed on what you can and can’t do. like did you know that you can’t lay in svasana when you’re pregnant? you’re only supposed to lay on your side, not on your back, because it can decrease the blood flow to your baby.
    make sure you have the facts before you do any exercise.


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