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How often do you need to have Reiki?


  1. As Reiki does not work and has no scientific basis whatsoever, just as often as you need the placebo! (Or more cynically, as often as you can afford to pay for useless treatment!)

  2. I would say never. Reiki is a fashionable ‘treatment’ that is very effective at filling the practitioner’s bank account.
    It has no scientific support and you will find that the practitioner will extend the course indefinitely – why not? it’s a great earner.

  3. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it all depends on what you are using Reiki for. If you are trying to heal a specific issue, whether is be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it can take extra sessions as opposed to just a general healing based session.
    There are no set requirements, such as you must have this once a week or once a month, as each person is different and everyone’s energy fields are different as well, so of course the recommended suggestions for each and every individual is different as well.
    Just make sure if you are checking out a practitioner for the service to check into their feedback, testimonials, accreditations, education so you know you are getting quality work and they know what they are doing. There are some who claim they know what they are doing but are doing more harm them good if the sessions are not performed correctly, more so for specifc types of energy healing, not really speaking on general sessions. Hope this helps!

  4. Speaking from experience, I have been receiving Reiki for the past 3 years from my master/teacher. I can feel when my body needs it, usually its once every couple of weeks when i’m going thru alot or maybe once a month or every couple months. I have also received long distance Reiki from friends for free and have had positive effects. My senior dog has no idea of what Reiki is and I requested people send him Reiki for his arthritis. He could not walk without a limp or without crying. Ever since he has received Reiki he has been pain free and no longer limping! Reiki does work to those who think it doesn’t; however, i’m sure there are people out there whose intentions are not good and just scam people. Reiki works for the highest of good. Namaste!

  5. Hi there,
    Only as often as you decide to. Many people find that the relaxation and peacefulness within each session is so enjoyable that they want to experience it on a regular basis, others choose to have a session once a month and then others only have reiki when they are stressed or are recovering from illness, emotional upset etc.
    As you are the one that does the healing, (no matter what anyone else says) it is you that decides or should decide when the next session should take place.
    I hope this helps and wish you a bright and peaceful future 🙂

  6. As often as you wish,it can’t do any harm, is very relaxing, helps if you have problems sleeping, also helps where pain is a factor & anxiety , it helps to balance the whole system, usually the people who knock it are the ones that are looking for a cure when all else fails. approach reiki with an open mind & you may be suprised, I work on a voluntary basis in my local hospice & the patients enjoy & appriciate the reiki treatments that I give.


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