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How much would pit tickets to an incubus concert be worth on ebay?

There is an upcoming Incubus concert in St Louis that I know I can get pit tickets to and I was going to buy a couple extra to sell on ebay cuz i need some extra money this month and I was just wondering if anyone had an estimate of what they would pay or think someone might pay for the pit ticket.


  1. Iono but my guess would be pretty high Incubus is this shizzz…damn I shoulda done that too…except I didn’t even have extra money to do that and make more money…you know? lol

  2. Why are you trying to make money off of them?
    Just buy your own tickets and let other people who can’t afford the price YOU’D sell them for to buy them at face value instead of ripping them off so you can make a few bucks.
    Incubus is worth more than than, and I don’t mean money.

  3. It depends if they are sold out or not. People will pay more if they are sold out. If they don’t then maybe like 5 bucks more.

  4. I suggest you to do a litle bit of research on how much are this ticket are been sold on ebay you can go to the completed items and see in detail if its something is worth to sell in ebay i can help you research if you give some examples of names that are similar to the ones that you are planning to get.
    let me know.


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