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how much will dying my light brown hair to red cost if im going to a salon/professional?

i know i dont have to bleach it already, but how much will it cost to get it done? the salon i go to is Salon Aura. is that very expensive? i have no idea. i really need to know a cost before i rush in and do it. please help!
also, does it cost much to touch up roots at the salon? and if it does, how do i get the exact color to touch it up myself.


  1. I don’t know, maybe seventy? You can dye it yourself, I did and it wasn’t very hard. You can also buy root such ups. They have real dyed hair at quite a few drug stores and such around these supplies, so you can match your color.

  2. um i think like 60-80 bux and sometimes salons cost like extra money becaz ur hairs to long and thats so stupid but wat can u do oh and i go to a salon and they rnt even professianol and the dye costs like 50-60 buc so……HOPE THIS HELPS!

  3. it depends how thick and long your hair is. the more thick/longer, the more product they have to use, ending up in more money you have to pay. i went to the salon yesterday, and my salondresser said since he would have to use a lot of dye for my hair, it would come out to be $140.
    don’t forget about root touch ups! if you get it done at the salon, they may recommend getting the touch ups done there. but if you want to save money, you could ask them what drugstore products would work.


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