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How much V.A. disability will I get if I got a tumor in my pituitary gland from the Army.?

I worked in a high radiation environment in the Army for over a year (Obviously not my choice.) and showed signs of my current disease in the middle of the year. Now I have a benign tumor in my pituitary gland (in my brain), hypothyroidism, and extremely low testosterone levels. Now I’m facing a discharge (honorable) but medical. Can I expect some compensation from V.A.?


  1. Hey were you serving in the same area as me. I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer about 6yrs ago and amazingly i had the same symptoms you are showing now. I was given the choice to get out or stay in after treatment. I decided to stay and finish what i started. I did 21yrs and decided i had enough. I have submitted my VA claim but have not received my rating. I will add a link to a forum where you can get more answers to your questions. I am 100% sure you will get Compensation for this. Make sure you keep a copy of all your medical records. If they are Med Boarding you for these medical issues. I would start your VA claim as soon as you get your rating from the Military. I was told they are 6 months behind on processing ratings. This is my 6 month and i am still awaiting that letter. Also remember that the VA claim and Medical are to different sections and you will need apply for both.

  2. Well, The more ammunition you have to provide the VA, The better. It makes the challenge easier.
    It’s an up hill battle! With allot of patience!
    I have been told, that us Veterans can obtain 100 percent disability if we go after it. I started with the local Veterans Affairs office. Then I contacted my Senator. Also joining the American Legion is a great help. They have information for us to help us out. AND they have a representative that will work for us at the VA.
    I also advise seeking a VA case worker who can help you with your claim.
    If you get turned down, or your settlement isn’t 100 percent disabled, Look for more evidence and file an appeal with your local Veterans Affairs office. AND START OVER! Again and again. You cannot be penalized for trying. They will not take back what you have already been approved for.

  3. I know for a fact that you did not work in an exposed radiation environment as high as I did. You cannot blame that on the military but a genetic thing. I would be ashamed to seek a disability payment for something that the military did not cause.


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