• I agree with Sara. 🙂

    Astrology is not the horoscopes you read in the newspapers. That’s only a tiny fraction of what it’s all about. Astrology does NOT try to fit everyone into 12 boxes, and far from being purposely vague, most of you would be surprised by its complexity. A full astrological chart is based on the date, place and exact time of birth and you have a minimum of 7 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses, and the geometric relationships between them, as well as transits and progressions. Actual astrology is so complex that no one else will have the exact same chart as you do for millions of years.

    Astrologers will differ on the hows and whys of astrology. I can only speak for myself. The stars do not make anything happen to you, they’re only reflecting what is already happening via synchronicity. A good analogy is that a clock striking noon doesn’t make you eat lunch, but it does make it a lot more likely than lunch will be had. I do not believe that astrology can predict specific events, only archetypal themes that will be in play. A particular aspect can play out in an infinite number of ways, but it can not “just mean anything,” it will stick to the archetypal themes of the planets, signs, houses and aspects involved. Many psychological concepts, such as the midlife crisis, have an astrological correlate.

    Contrary to popular belief, it has never been “debunked” by science because the ones trying to debunk it stop at the newspaper columns and never explore the subject in its entirety. In fact, most of the arguments used against it show a total and utter lack of understanding of what astrology actually is and what it actually does.

  • The first thing you learn about Astrology is that it is not that the stars, so many light years away, are providing some special magnetism that impels people to do anything.

    Astrology is an odd Science similar to Psychology, where you recognize that people tend to enter the world in waves; those with similar life paths enter together, more or less. It’s like a wave of children who wanted to establish families and defend the homeland entered and became the World War II generation, and a wave of souls who wanted to explore technology entered as a generation and became the creators of The Digital Age. Children born in the late Forties and early Fifties were the Hippie Generation, devoted to ending war and experimenting with love and peaceful pursuits. All that corresponds to the position of Pluto, the slowest-moving planet, as it goes through the signs: Cancer for the WWII kids, Leo for the hippies, Virgo for the video-game/computer generation.

    I’ve studied Astrology for 43 years, and found that when a natal chart is read well, taking into consideration all factors and not just some, it paints a vivid, accurate picture of a person’s tendencies, challenges, fears, and accomplishments.
    The stuff you read in the horoscope section of the newspaper is rubbish.
    A real natal chart is 100% miraculously true.

  • about 50 /50

    the fact that ive noticed that most people i know seem to be almost exactly their starsign to a t is a bit of confirmation theres SOMETHING in it

    but im aware of the issues with it, peopel can be wrong, things like this are not as predictable as we liek to think, AND importantly, the starsigns as we know them, are not the origional, which i found quite disenhartening

    but it didnt change that eveyrone i know stays true to their starsign in a lot of ways, too many to ignore
    even those who say its rubbish, usually have come from a sign that WOULD say that hahah

  • -100%

    I know this technically isn’t in line with the purpose of the question as 0% would be the practical minimum. However, if I consider the analogy literally, a stock can be short-sold instead of bought when the price is expected to drop, and bought back later on the cheap. So I’d put all my stock in (i.e. sell) astrology, hoping it will continue to fail. Of course, when one uses this strategy, they bear the risk of the stock rising limitlessly without an upper ceiling, whereas one can only lose 100% of the stock they buy. Better hope the Vegas bookie isn’t on call!

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