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How much should I sell a 5.5 ct emerald cut amethyst stone?

I have a loose 5.5 ct emerald cut amethyst stone I’d like to sell. I know amethyst is relatively inexpensive, but I’m not exactly sure what price range to sell my 5.5 ct one.
It is purple amethyst.


  1. Is you stone real or fake? Is any inclusion inside? If the purple amethyst is of high quality, the 5.5ct would cost about $200; if it is not real and not of high quality, the price would go lower.

  2. The price of amethyst is based on clarity, depth of color, secondary colors like purple with blue or red secondary colors. and very important is the quality of cut. Price range is from $2-50 per carat. See moregems.com for some pictures of finer quality amethyst.
    To get an idea of quality of cut look for chips and polishing marks on the facets. How flat or mirrorlike are the facets. Is there a window, can you look through the table of the gem and read the newspaper through the back of the gem. Is the stone symetrical.

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