Home Discussion Forum How much money do you spend on paranormal products and services?

How much money do you spend on paranormal products and services?

How much do you spend on New Age or paranormal stuff? Things like tarot, psychic or aura readings, smudging sage, remote healing or anything else of that nature?


  1. None.
    I would like to do a tarot and aura reading one day, tho…
    (I buy sage throughout the year, but not alwayz for smudging)

  2. The New Age products I buy are books and occasionally DVDs. Some are quite skeptical of many paranormal and psychic subjects. Others lean toward believing. Total cost per year intentionally kept below $100. I’ve bought many books used for very low cost. I have splurged on a few DVDs, such as Unexplained Mysteries and Quantum Hologram & ESP.
    I’m not into readings or tarot. I am into nutrition and nutritional healing.

  3. God don’t use money so why should I. I make things up as I go as imagination is the sum total of all I learned so the investment was my past. There may be some calculation there but it’s less than income. In other words, I don’t track it specifically.
    Good Q though.

  4. I own a wealth of books ranging from all different kinds of religions around the world covering a variety subjects from palmistry to trancendental meditation. I own a couple decks of tarot cards, rune stones and aside from that stuff I have was stuff I made, found or was given to me.
    As far as services $0. Why pay for something I can do or make myself or have someone I know do for me. That and while I think a lot of the new age stuff is philosophically valid I don’t buy into the whole “learn telepathy in 30 days” nonsense. For me its about exploring myself and using what I learn to explore others. What can I say – I’m a psychology nerd.

  5. The closest ting I’ve bought is a deck of trick cards for $6.99.I have from time to time put a quarter in the fortune telling machine.I do spend a lot on Horror movies.My son and I go pretty often.New age and aura foolishness depress me so I stay away.Although I do keep sage on the spice rack.

  6. Seeing how the New Age section of my local big-chain bookstore is 4 times the size of the Science section, and the Religion section is easily 20 times the size (and almost half the store), I’d say someone out there is wasting a lot of money. I have a decent collection myself, but they’re all the books you’d find in the Science section – skeptical. The very few credulous books I own were either given out at creationism lectures I attended (to ask questions) or ones I ‘borrowed’ from friends who will be much better off without them.

  7. so far this year, absolutely nothing. I used to like to buy crystals, such as quartz, but I haven’t bought any in a few years now.

  8. Everytime when I have some additional sum I buy a book /most often for esoteric/ or some stone or some small thing i what I find some special sign- so about 10 %

  9. This year I spent $25 on a tarot reading. I read tarot myself, but wanted someone else to do mine. It was well spent; the reader was very accurate. I spent about $50 this year on supplies such as sage wands, crystals, candles, etc. I’m pagan and consider these things religious supplies.
    I have a paranormal group and spent maybe another $50 on things for the group. So, about $125 all year on my paranormal hobby and on my religion.

  10. Not much actual money (maybe for an NIV Bible), but untold amounts of hours as a child and adolescent spent wasting my youth for unfulfillable pursuits of the spirit when pursuits of math and science would have been a better option.

  11. None. All the cards, books, and paraphenalia I have has been given to me by people who wished to know something about themselves/their future, and brought stuff over for me to read.
    I have never understood why, but strangers have often come to me for such things, and I do indeed, appear to have a talent.

  12. As a researcher I have several hundred dollars worth of equipment and probably $150.00 or more in books. I have 5 tarot decks around$15.00 to $20.00 each and about 5 or so tarot books. I probably have spent at least $1000.00 or more on paranormal and New Age books and equipment over the years. That is about $100.00 a year.
    That may sound like a lot but I know people who spend way more that that each year on cigarettes, beer and other things that is not actually healthy. It is also a small amount compared to my Other hobby fishing.


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