How much money do people spend on their psychologists/psychiatrists?





I am writing an oratory for school, and one thing i need to find out is how much money people usually spend on their psychiatrists/psychologists. If you have ever spent money on seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist or you just have information on it please, please, please help answer my question! Your help is greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I know that most psychologist/psychiatrist charge any where between 100-150 an hour if they’re in private practice. Whether their patients pay that much depends on whether or not their patient have health insurance that pays part of that fee or if they are paying for them selves. I know people who pay the whole amount for themselves because they either have the money or because they want to see a particular person. I know people who because they have insurance that pays only pay a co-pay of about 10 to 25 dollars each session. So a lot depends on how you pay for your sessions. This is one reason that most psychiatrist and psychologist no longer just have private practices any more, the insurance companies won’t pay that kind of money each session. So most Drs. either MD’s or PH.D. in the psychiatric field or psychology field work in conjunction with hospitals, clinics or schools to pay most of the bills and their private practice supplements what else they do.

  2. Lots of money, especially those who get addicted to them. Oh yes, people get addicted also to Psychologists or Psychiatrists. Just like drugs. Sometimes it takes the professional to end the therapy to
    get rid of the person who has exchanged an addiction for another.
    I for one have never spent a dime with Psychologists or Psychiatrists. But I have an idea. You ought to be prepared for about 300 dollars per section, depends on the place and the professional.

  3. It varies widely based on what kind of therapist or Dr. you are seeing. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and get paid on a similar scale. Psychoanalysts usually see patients about 3 times per week and it’s upwards of $100 per visit. Many Master’s level therapists will see you on a sliding scale if you do not have insurance, but don’t expect to pay less than $50 per visit. If your insurance covers mental health, how much you pay depends on your coverage. And group therapy can lower costs, but not always.

  4. I have a family member that goes thru the public system like MHMRA, it’s based on their financial need, and they pay on on a sliding scale. You can call your city’s public organization for a good head’s start — they love to help students!
    I hear the public system is worth it bc their medication alone for one month could costs $400! Plus, a doctor could cost $65-75, not even for a full-hour. They get everything for free or little pay practically.

  5. Well if you actually have to pay out of pocket. (insurance does not cover it) The last one I had was about 90.00 a session. (around 1 hour) And you wonder why so many people have mental problems and don’t get help. Luckily my insurance covers it but only up to a certain amount of sessions. I can’t remember how many though sorry.

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