How much Kapalbhati pranayam should be practised? Please help!?

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I used to do kapalbhati pranayam before but I think due to excessive practicing my body became “Khushk” or dry.
Now after leaving it for quite some time before when I practice it for more than 1 min again my stomach become dry and I am unable to clear my bowels.
Please suggest me the timings and lenght of kapalbhati so I can continue it as it has really helped me earlier.
I am pitt in nature and If I sholud discontinue it then please tell me other exercises or pranayam to help me with my dryness of my stomach.
Please help!

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Simeon C

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u can do it as long as u r comfortable.. i read it somewhere that you should do it for 5 mins if u r a beginner and add 5 more mins every week.. i also read somewhere ( oops i don’t remember the site) that people with some internal problems like gastritis etc should not perform this as it leads to acid reflux.. there were quite a few more diseases mentioned.. i suggest you to google it and grab as much information as possible..

Tarasankar Das

You should try Aloevera juice, u will defntly get benifit!!


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