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how much is my rock worth?

I have a piece of spirit amethysts that has 4 large points one of which has citrine inside of it their is also a part about 1 inch long of citrine connected to it, it is about 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide all of which is on a bed of quartz about 1 inch tall and 2 1/2 inches wide the tallest point of amethyst is about 1 inch tall how much is this thing worth?


  1. Price of rocks, minerals and gemstones are not fixed in respect of weight, height or length or colour or quality. It depends on the buyers liking. Show it to some prospective buyer, if he shows keen interest, increase your price if he already got this stuff in stock, he may offer you few nickles or show his miserable face.
    It was last year I happened to visit Hatton Garden, London where in all the showcases, diamond rings were displayed with skyhigh prices. While I was in one of the shops, an African man, came to the shopkeeper and asked him if he was interested to buy a rough diamond. Shopkeeper wanted to look at this. The African not in respectable posh dress took out the diamond which was quite big, first time I saw such a big rough diamond, he tested with the meter and declined to buy. The reason being that it is a controled trade by government and these jewlers are trading only with credits given by their associations.
    Anyway, after about an hour I saw that fellow going in and out of many shops and I asked him, “any luck”? The reply was,”Every one liked it, but for some reasons they do not buy this stuff from public.”He told me he was from Congo. He desparately wanted money to put up in hotel and other expenses. I took him in one or two shops, got that diamond thoroughly tested and bought it on very very cheap price. That diamond is 32.5 carats (very big) and eversince I have it with me with my other collection of stones, never thinking of gettting it cut or wearing it or selling it. It is with me and I know it has no re-sale value even if I try hard to sell it, because I am not a trader. Amazing, is’nt it? So good luck to you with your quartz,citrine and amethysts.


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