Home Discussion Forum How much has your body changed by doing yoga?

How much has your body changed by doing yoga?

I have recently started a hot yoga practice and love it. I am really trying to lose about 30 pounds. My question is…can I do yoga alone? I am doing it about 5 days a week. Has anyone had great success with a pure yoga routine? Thanks!


  1. I’ve been doing hot yoga 3 days a week for 6 months. I lost about 5 pounds, but I really noticed all the fat turned to muscle, and my clothes are a bit looser.

  2. it depends.
    if u eat more while doing yoga it will make u more muscles and u won’t lose anything. (sorry!)
    But, if u eat the same as usual of less if u want it to be faster u will get slimmer.
    no never do anything alone, go dance grl !
    i luv yoga 2 !!! it will make u more flexible u can be sure of that !
    hope i helped !

  3. Yes, you can do yoga alone. In fact, I strongly recommend doing it in the privacy of your home. When you are alone, you are more relaxed and you can really give your all to the practice, the poses, the breathing and the meditation. I sustained major injuries to my neck, shoulders and back, but after I started my own yoga regimen, my pain is significantly improved. I not only have had a great physical gain from my practice, but have also seen and felt great improvement in my overall sense of well being…my general mood is happier and more optimistic. As far as using yoga as a weight loss practice…Yoga does act as a cardio workout, however it is still a wonderful tool in building strong muscles that have flexibility and endurance. Try a 30 minute power walk 3 to 4 times a week in addition to your yoga regimen.
    Best of luck to you.
    Namaste. 🙂


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