Home Discussion Forum How much faith do you put into astrology?

How much faith do you put into astrology?

Astrology and the zodiac can be remarkably close to true when you read it, but do you believe in what it says?


  1. Not much. I certainly put no stock in horoscopes; I think birth charts are interesting and often applicable, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to stake their life on it.

  2. Daily horoscopes in the paper – bosh.
    Descriptions of signs – pretty clever, seem to be fairly accurate.
    Personal charts – I’ve never really had one done so I couldn’t say.
    I can say that I’d never make a decision based on it. Like, I wouldn’t have dumped a guy because our signs were incompatible.
    I would put them under the heading of “for amusement purposes only.”

  3. i think astrological charts based on your birth can be pretty accurate
    but i dont go in for horoscopes .. how everyone of the same sign can be doing the same thing each day is beyond me

  4. Astrology was comdemed in the bible and it is ridiculous.
    Twins are not always alike. I read a story about a man who had 4 babies at the same time. His wife did. They said they were all different.

  5. All that stuff is written in a manner that leaves it open to whatever interpretation you wish to make. There are computer programs that can write fortunes that people actually belief even thought there are based entirely on random word sets.


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