How much energy does my computer take?





These days im on alot, typing hw, yahoo answers, and a bunch of other stuff, at times my computer is on for 4-5 hours sometimes even more! I usually try to put it on standby when i can but its usually just on, about how much on estimate would the energy of this computer be (in$plz). I was just wondering because our electric bill was $400 and my parents were blaiming me and the computer 😛
so how much do u think it would cost, how about on standby?


  1. A computer cannot be responsible for that much money. A computer is only responsible for a tiny fraction.
    Usually the AC, and the larger appliances are the ones that contribute the most to the electric bill. On standby it’s as if the computer is off, so I recommend you should always leave your computer on standby whenever you’re not using it.

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