Home Discussion Forum How much energy does it take to forgive a sin?

How much energy does it take to forgive a sin?

just trying to compute the energy usage to commit a sin against the energy used to forgive one


  1. Well, I’m not god, adn dont even play one on tv, but I know how much energy it takes me to forgive in my own life.
    virtually none. the hard part is all the angst to decide *to* forgive, adn when to forgive, and how much to forgive.
    But once i”m ready, I can look at the person in my mind’s eye, and say “i may not understand what you did, and may have to live with what you did for teh rest of my life, but I no longer will let you have an even greater impact on my – I will forgive you, if only for my own sake.”
    Forgiveness is easy, letting go of all the crap in order to forgive, hard. But it’s worth it.
    maybe your god feels the same way? I don’t know, grins. i’m an atheist.

  2. The energy spent by God to forgive a sin is the same amount of energy that God spends when He helps people in time of need…like for example when He helps the victims in Haiti…zero…zilch…nada…nothing.
    God does not exist.

  3. Gee, I never looked at it that way — but the power of redemption obviously has to be greater than the power of sin, otherwise we’re all in a heap of trouble.


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