How much does a tai chi sword used for dancing normally weigh?

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I am choreographing a traditional chinese sword dance, and purchased some tai chi swords that weigh about 2 pounds each. After working with them a bit, I noticed that my wrists were getting very sore, and that the the blade is extremely heavy. Also, the thickness of the blade also makes it difficult to turn/rotate the sword quickly. Is this how a tai chi sword is supposed to be?? Do I just need more practice before my arm gets used to it? I have seen videos where the tai chi swords used seem very flexible, or is this just a trick of the light?

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You need to get more practice and then you will get used to it.It’s normal that your wrists get sore cause the moves of the sword come from your wrists.Keep practicing and you’ll get used with it.

bluto blutarsky2

first off, this is the martial arts section not the dancing section.
You are asking a question not about a functional jian (chinese straight sword) but about a fake replica used for well, dancing not martial arts.
You are asking about techniques that are used strictly for dancing, not martial arts (turning and rotating)
A chinese jian is an implement of war and killing, not designed to be twirled around like a baton. swords used in dance functions are in fact not real functional swords, but sword-like objects often made of a lighter weight or design to make it easier to twirl or flip or do whatever choreographed moves you people do.
In the future please ask this question in the dancing or performance art section as that is where it properly belongs. And for an actual single handed straight sword, 2 lbs is actually a bit light. between 2-3 lbs is more accurate.


Get a well-balanced thin spring steel or aluminum sword for your dance. They can be had at around less than 1 to 1.5 pounds each without sheath (Many come with a 28in – 30in blade made of what they call ‘wushu steel’.) The chrome plated ones for ‘performance’ as sold in Chinatowns may be cheap and look all shiny, they are invariably poorly balanced and heavier than the others weighting at least 2 pounds a piece. Aside from that, using a sword isn’t easy, it’ll take years of work to be any good especially wrist work. Real high-carbon swords easily exceed 2 pounds and are not meant for dances. Check out/google Hanwei Forge’s Wushu Taichi Sword model number 2062-GT and that may well be your answer. That said, please don’t expect any of the dance techniques to apply in real life, especially using a ‘performance’ weapon.


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