How much do American policies adhere to Enlightenment views?

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The policies must be from the past 10 years or so, a few examples of ones that follow Enlightenment views and a few that do not with a small explanation will earn you a best answer. 😀

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The Health Care reform Obama is now doing is a good case of enlightened thinking…The Bush years of torture and tax breaks for the wealthy–now that is NOT enlightened thinking.


Not very much, they take their eye of the ball to focus on health care when people are dying because of the financial wreck they failed to address.


I don’t know but I will say that pragmatism is on the way up and I believe the majority of the democrats in the house share some essential pragmatic views on many issues. In saying that, the more open to adjusting our ideas to our changing times, the more our American policies will adhere to enlightenment views.
I hope that makes a little sense…if not, I’m sorry.


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