How much control do you have when lucid dreaming?

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I know you control your dreams when lucid dreaming. But how much can you actually control. Does it just mean that you can control what you do and you’re actions and thoughts making it just like real life? Or can you litteraly controll anything and everything, becoming some kind of god who does whatever you will?
I am a teenage guy so I am sure you could imagine the kinds of things I would do when lucid dreaming 😉

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Dear lord I don’t even want to know what that last line was all about. But from my experiences lucid dreaming over a summer vacation I can tell you it was amazing. You can read up on some articles just by looking on google. It got to a point when entering REM sleep I could have dream awareness and literally fly if I wanted to, go certain places, etc. But don’t expect to get everything you want. I maybe got to control a few things I wanted to do. Good luck!


I don’t have much control over my lucid dreams. The times when I do it doesn’t last for very long. Many times I end repeating the same action over and over and hardly ever progressing to my next thought. Like a broken record almost. Until realizing I’m just laying in bed with my eyes shut and nothing more. I sometimes get peod after because it’s rare that I have these moments and then they get wasted. Arg!

Dr Know-It-All

In my experience of lucid dreaming you can make anything happen, but it takes some effort and not all of the dream is lucid. For example I once thought “If I can control this dream, then I want the sky to catch fire”. And it was so. Another time I thought “I want to go into this house and there will be ten people” there were ten people but I didn’t know who they were. Usually I get tired of playing God, and just want to enjoy the show.


when your FULLY lucid, you can do ANYTHING


Like anything, you can gain more control with practice. A struggle in dreaming is to stop the dream from changing. You might find directing your dream is fruitless without being able to keep it from changing. Try learning to focus on one thing as a habit (e.g., your hands). When you are able to maintain your dream focus, you’ll be able to maintain stability of your lucid dreams as well; that is, you will have more control.


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