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How much chakra do you have?


  1. well there are four main chakras in you that have a complete balance (or so i’ve heard). if you have too much of one, your emotions run high. if you have too little of another, you have absolutly no power. this happens when you get old. one is supposed to give you strength and supernatural powers (sorta like naruto, i guess) but certain generations don’t have much at all. it depends on your needs and surroundings. and the last on is simply there to help you through life and also decides your limit to your strength and the day and moment you die.
    i would like to say that i have a gajillion times more chakra than naruto, but i am more like one of the people watching the fight. i would also like to think there is a chakra of the fangirl, cuz i gotta lot of that.(not JUST naruto, other animes/mangas)

  2. haha.
    i have enough to beat up:
    -and tobi
    –the real question is how much chakra do you have?!?!?!

  3. Omg. Some people are so fucking stupid it pisses me off, Chakra isn’t fictional, Naruto is. GET IT RIGHT.
    Chakra are just energy pools that travel along your spine.
    If you wanna learn more about them, try also researching Ki energy, or Kuji-kiri.
    Email me if you need any help with this!


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