How much body armour should one wear for a night out in London?

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I’m thinking blade resistant jacket, or chain mail, or maybe a bullet proof jacket what the police wear.
and do I need to get tooled up, like a sharp impliment that springs out of the front of my shoe?
And maybe a baseball bat in the lining of my suit?

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Cyclone Ranger ♂

uhhhhhhh, all of it.


well put it like this ………………… you can never have enough.


According to Harriet Harming we shouldn’t out after dark in London; the streets belong to the scum..

taxed till i squeak.

Wear a suit of armour ,Like the knights of old wore,No tools necessary.Maybe a can opener for emergencies.


Personally I wouldn’t venture out without an armoured tank, a dozen bodyguards who must all be S.A.S. trained, packing more weapons than Rambo and The Pope to give me my last rights, just in case the b*****ds get me.

Archer Christifori

Like personal weaponry…better to have it and not need it than not have it at all.
I’d where Studded leather armor for a night at the dance club or for dining and a show… nothing can beat a plate chest armor and chain coife
I’m not sure of the spelling on any of that…lol


Hi, just walk along dancing and singing as loud as you can, shouting out its contagious a couple of times ,thay Will avoid you like the plague or pin a notice on your back saying YOU OWE ME MONEY . lol susie

Prof Who

Now why would you be thinking you need all that?


Yep, wear it all – much as you should whilst strolling in the south Bronx at midnight. BUT don’t forget a boombox – blast the Backstreet Boys or something similar and you’ll be safe as houses since anyone who is not deaf will head for the hills, rendering your body armor a simple fashion statement as opposed to a strategy for survival. You trend-setter!

Roger G

The chain mail jacket should be fine. Wear this underneath an American Grid Iron football suit with all the protection gear included. And get regular clothing that fits over all this.
This will make you look so big that’ll be too intimidating for most ”attackers”.
This will give you 3 lines of defense – intimidation, bashing protection (padding), penetration protection (chain mail).
(You’ll also have space for that baseball bat if you want to include it as another line of defense.)

Sky Witch

If you ever see Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s decendants give em the ole’ one-two-three-four at the joust.


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