How might i find occult shops in portland oregon?

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i was trying to find some in the yahoo yeller pages and i could find nothing. i searched under occult and witch. so any idea of what i can do?

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well, my friend, the good ‘ol internet. with accessing the white and/or yellow pages, you can list the store (type) and, oops – there it is (results that is). if you are from the area, even faster way would be to open the yellow pages & use the ‘ol peepers (eyes). you know, let your fingers do the walking? don’t know much more than that but if you knew a faster way, you wouldn’t have been asking, now isn’t that true?


Ask around in public where all the Occult shops are at. Someone’s bound to know.

Occult NZ

Well your in America…
If that doesnt work, what are you after?
If your a Wiccan and after certain things, go to the supermarket… they supply heaps of stuff, or try “new age”, “herbal”, “adult entertainment”… whoops… not that one.
Its amazing where you can find occult supplies… Stationary shops sell white chalk, string, books, etc.
Catholic and/or church supply shops sell censors (incense burners), those pretty brass ones on chains, chalices (goblets).
Magick Mirrors, go to a home decor place.
Daggers and Swords (athame, knife, etc.) hunting shops and even nic’nac shops stock some pretty awesome looking ones.
Wands and Rods (Staff) you can fashion one from a walking stick, or just find you a nice branch.
As for Books, Amazon is awesome, but if you have a printer, there are hundreds of Free e-books online to download. (e-mail me if you want the links –
Have fun.


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