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How Meditation Can Slow the Ageing Process?

Research has shown that our brain changes if we practise meditation. These changes trigger a more positive frame of mind, and may even slow the ageing process? is this true?


  1. i definitely think it’s true. if you’re more relaxed and optimistic you’re going to have less or no wrinkles, look younger and feel younger and at peace with things. if you’re upset and stressed all the time you’re possibly looking towards death like “theres only so long to go” and that will make you feel older than you would be if you were enjoying life and living for the moment. good question though i liked it.

  2. Believers say so – deep meditation takes years of practice but in this state, the miind is capable of using parts of the brain normally “unobtainable” in everyday thinking. i think meditation may help release some of the power of the mind to degrees that we really dont know much about.

  3. Well all I know is that tortoises crawl along slowly and live 300 years.
    That says something. ha ha
    It says don’t burn yourself out.

  4. Hello Skycat
    Yes, in respect to less stress, stress ages you, lack of it aids good health.
    see profile


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