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How may I find a shaman to rid the negative energy in my tomb of a house?

The catholic saint didn’t work….Our country is a Native American Indian land, so I feel the need to find a Shaman to help me sell my home and rid it of the negative energy….


  1. Sage or sweet grass and the tail feathers of an Eagle
    Instead of tailfeathers, you Could use Juniper or Cedar I suppose.
    Have you tried Debbie Travis?
    Or even Feng Shui?
    (I’m still slogging through the book)

  2. Check with your local New Age/Occult shop. The owners/workers usually know most people in your local community and may be able to put you in touch with someone. You might want to try your local U.U church as well. They tend to have people who hold workshops and again may have someone you can contact. Check in your phonebook for your local Native American Indian Association, most larger cities have one. You could ask around for a contact there. Do you live near a reservation that holds public pow-wow’s? Or do you know if there are pow-wow’s held in your area? Look for psychic fairs. Usually if you can get into contact with one person in the community, they tend have lists of people who can help you.
    If your up for the do-it-yourself approach, the mix of sage-sweetgrass- ceder bundle is a great smudge/purifier. Sea salt in water sprinkled in the corners of a room also cleanses an area. Sweeping the floors with a natural broom gets rid of bad mojo. Putting a small amount of sea salt in your window cleaner before cleaning helps. Have someone drum out the negativity and then use a rattle to bless the newly cleansed rooms. Prayer bundles are made by placing a pinch of tabacco and a pinch of corn meal in a square of red cloth. Whisper your prayer into the bundle and then tie it to a nearby tree or bush. Hope this helps.

  3. Have you tried to talk to the spirit or whatever is in your home?
    We have something in our back bedroom that made all of us uncomfortable. When my sister and another friend described the spirit they saw, I realized that we had a Lenape Little Person in the room. These are spirits that are tied to the land and can’t be banished.
    One night, I went into the room and told the spirit that I knew what it was and my family and I meant it no harm. I said that I knew that it couldn’t leave, as this was it’s home, but that it was my home too, and I wasn’t leaving. Since then, we haven’t had any problems.
    Now, I know this sounds silly, but it worked for us. We try to follow the traditions of our people, the Lenape.
    Be well

  4. If you are looking for a Shaman, don’t look to the Native American community. There is NO such thing as a Native American Shaman. And anyone that tells you different is lying and only wants your money.
    Never deal with anyone offering anything religious for sale. Money is never accepted by authentic holy people in exchange for Indian religious ceremonies like sweat lodges or sun dances, nor for religious items like medicine bags or smudged items. (They might sell arts and crafts, of course. Use your common sense–a devout Catholic might sell you a hand-carved crucifix to hang on your wall, for example, but he wouldn’t sell communion wafers over the Internet or charge you admission to bring you to his church! Selling dreamcatchers or fetish carvings online is one thing, but don’t believe information provided by anyone who is trying to charge people for smudging or blessing anything, making medicine, or letting them take part in a sweat lodge or dance. They are not authentic sources of information.)
    And don’t believe anyone claiming to be American Indian shamans , talking about tarot cards and Wiccan/pagan things, or talking about crystals and New Age things. I’ve got nothing against shamanism, paganism, or the New Age, but a cow is not a horse: none of these things are traditionally Native American. Shamanism is a Russian mystic tradition, Wicca is a religion based in pre-Christian European traditions, Tarot readings are an Indo-European divination method, and the New Age is a syncretic belief system invented, as its name suggests, in the modern era. None of them have anything to do with authentic Indian traditions, and anyone who thinks they do is likely to be wrong about anything else he claims about Native American religions as well. Wiccans and New Agers don’t have any more knowledge about actual American Indian beliefs than you do.
    If you are able to find an authentic Native American person of medicine. And if you are sincere he/she will know what is needed. Do not offer him/her monetary compensation for the service. You can however gift him/her with tobacco (not cigarettes). You can also compensate him/her for travel expenses, if there are any. If the person is truly a person of medicine there will be no mention of payment from them. They feel that their powers are a gift from The Creator and are forbidden from charging for what was given to them.


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