How many words that mark a self labeled Pagan or Heathen poster can reveal them as a newbie or Christian?

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Hint: One is the usage of Warlock.
Old English wÆr = pledge
Old English leogan = to lie
First used in Christian documents on Witch Crafts. Changed pronunciation and spelling with changes with language and printing presses to Warlock and used to denote male Witches in Church trials.

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I am usually entertained by the ones who ask to be invited to a sacrifice.
All of the things that I sacrifice come from the grocery store.


A Troll by any other name…

Frau Asher (JPA)

for Heathens: saying they have a set of Ralph Blum runes (hack)
That they can’t wait to do a ritual to the moon goddess (error)
pagans: raving on and on about Silver Ravenwolf
talking about all the spells they’ve done, like changing their eye color and love spells
Especially rattling on how Wicca is an ancient religion that predates all other religions.

Priestess Jean

The ones that want to know how to “cast a magic spell”
or use “magic dust” really make me laugh… but my policy
is to be kind to them… they might turn out to be good
pagans when they grow up.

Serena JPA

Ones that ask how they can turn into a mermaid or some other fantastical creature.
People who go on and on about the “burning times”.
People who say that Wicca was a religion that dates back to prehistoric times.
They reveal themselves as a Christian if they make use of the word “idol” with reference to pagan practices.

Kirra Blackhart

Yes, I was thinking Mermaids and Unicorns.
Doreen Virtue still has so much to give to the world 😉
Wizard is probably the term that annoys me the most.

~Heathen Princess~

In Heathenism:
Working WITH the gods (have you met the gods? Please.)
Their idea of what the runes are and are not
Insisting Loki just needs a beer and a hug because he’s just misunderstood
Thinking Mjolnir is some magic talisman
“Calling” Isis into a circle with Thor (That wouldn’t be pretty….I’m just saying)
Thinking that Freyja is all love and light (Bwahahahahaha)
In paganism in general:
Calling fairies as aspects of any god or goddess (Gods help me, yes I have seen it)
Insisting there is an Irish Potato Goddess
Qouting Silver Ravelwolf at ALL
Casting magic to change eye color, hair color, to fly, or anything else that goes against the laws of physics and nature.
This list could go on forever

Tahuti Reincarnate

Richard Metzger uses the title Warlock and he is a genuine Pagan.
So, maybe even that isn’t as cut and dry as you’d think.

Labgrrl the Technologist

People have as much right to claim the word warlock as to claim the word witch…both originally only refered to dark.
Usually broad sweeping statements are a good clue.


Uh – I have to argue about the use of the word “Warlock”….a lot of the older ones still use “witch” and “warlock”……my dad and the other men in their group were warlocks…..but, of course, that was back in the 60’s and 70’s and I just can’t keep up with all the new terminology….
I’m just a witch. Pagan, wiccan, whatever other title people would like to put on me – go ahead.

Fionn the Mutt

Using witchcraft and Wicca interchangably is a big one.
Funny thing though, the word warlock is one that I usually ask about before deciding that the user is a newbie. Hell, occasionally I use it, mainly when I want to separate myself from what Wicca is becoming.


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