How many wiccans r out there?

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I have been practicing(in secret, mostly because the 1st time i told a friend, they stopped talking to me)for less than a year. I want to know if it is ok to have a book of shadows with another person. becuz i do and we pass it back and forth to each other adding things? is there a rule?

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i don’t know if you’ll find an exact number…but i’m one! and if the sharing a book of shadows with a trusted person works for you and him/her then go ahead! there’s no rule…cept what works for you


I’m not really a Wiccan, but am friends with many who are either in covens or are solitary. I think it’s OK for you to pass your Book of Shadows back and forth with your friend and develop your rituals together that way. The people I know consider themselves to be eclectic pagans and they have been developing their rituals over time. Am I wrong here, Wiccans?

moose on the loose

Never heard of wiccans. Do you study under Satan? Is there any link to witches and witchcraft? How did you come to find out about this false religion? What made you fall for it?

Steve T

I am Wiccan. Some traditions and covens may have rules, but if you are solitary, it is basically up to you and what feels right to you.
That is one thing bout Wicca, there are no set rules. As long as it harms none, then you are free to do waht feel right to you.


The beauty about Wicca is that there are no set rules and you can do whatever feels right for you.
By the way, I’m Wiccan and have been practicing for about 2 years.


In the strictest sense it is a Private diary of your own thoughts and observations.
But if you are going the Solitary Wicca way or just a coven of two. and you keep it between the two of you then i don’t see why not.
Yes it can be difficult when you first tell people about it as they have a preconceived idea of what your about . Thanks to the Christian Church.
Teach them by example.


I can not exactly call myself a Wiccan as I am still learning but Wicca is my path.
I don’t see a problem with it. In a coven there is one main Book of Shadows that everyone in the coven copies from to their own personal BoS. What you have is basically a coven of two.
A BoS is also a journal where you write any feelings you have or experiences during ritual, etc. You may wish to have a separate book of your own in case you do not have the main BoS and want to add in any personal information.
Blessed Be!


I am Wiccan. I don’t see why you can’t share a Book of Shadows.


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