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How many voodoo dolls?

Does anybody know how many voodoo dolls there are in total? I can’t seem to find it, thanks…


  1. You can just make your own, then paint a face on lt, and at the same time keep chanting “don’t give me any more violations”, as you stick the pins in.

  2. As said above they are made as and when they are needed, there are no set number and so far as I know there are no dolls for quarters or anything like that.
    I was wondering if you meant any other kind of folk doll? maybe Kachina? In which case look them up as I don’t know a huge amount about them I’m afraid.

  3. In most pagan practices they are called “poppits”. There is no set number on how many their are. Since each one represents and individual the number is infinite. People like myself use them to bind spirits together (like when someone get married) or to help in healing. Very few people would use them like in the movies, you know, sticking pins in them or holding them over flames. That sort of action would produce bad karma!


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