How many times should I listen to a hypnosis track?

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I just bought a hypnosis dvd set from lloyd glauberman and there are many tracks to listen..can anyone tell me how many times I should listen to each before moving to the next

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8 Ball

Not knowing the nature of the hypnosis recordings themselves, it is difficult to say. However, I would estimate that one might benefit from such hypnosis tracks by listening daily at regular intervals, rather than trying to “cram” all of the information into one lengthy listening session. Keep in mind your original intent of hypnotic induction, and think about the hypnotic experience as enlightening your subconscious mind to create self-control – not through sheer “will,” but through simple awareness and knowing.


Hey hun!! :))
Don’t worry. These feelings are normal.
Did you know a lot of people experience these exact same feelings??? :))
I am also going through the same thing right now.
You have a lot of things going on in your mind…
and it seems like nobody understands you…
You might get mad easily, or frustrated that you feel this way…
You might say “I just want to be myself again.”
Well here are some things you can do…
Its not going to be easy!!
1. Try not to focus on these feelings anymore, tell yourself “This is just anxiety, it will go away eventually. A lot of people are going through the same thing”
2. To help your anxiety, make sure you don’t smoke any weed, or smoke cigarettes, because those two things will make you hate yourself. I used to smoke weed everyday for 4 years and after I quit for a month I felt a lot better. Oh and when you smoke cigarettes you may feel like you feel a little better, but a second later you will feel even worse! :(( And you don’t want that.
3. Start exercising!! Do NOT sit on your hiney.. that is the worst thing that you can do. Just go out for a run!! Start lifting weights, just make sure you ALWAYS keep busy.
4. Play a lot of video games, if you don’t like video games, then start a new hobby and just make sure you keep busy.
5. Get a part time job so your not constantly thinking all the time.
6. Don’t drink caffeine, that includes SODA/POP!! Just only water or juices.
I hope this helps. I really want you to feel better.
If you really do these things for two months you will start feeling better about yourself right away.
If after two months you still feel this way, I would recommend you go to your family doctor so they can prescribe you a anti anxiety medicine. :)) Good luck!!


no body can let you know the answer, just because, it depend in person.. some one can get the result in may be listen 1 or 2 time, but some one may be listen a whole year still did not have any effect..
Normally not recommend to use hypnosis track, reason is you love to use machine to massage your body or love a real human being to massage you?


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