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    you should practice yoga everyday
    as yoga should be infused in your life and happen naturally. yoga means “union”. practice yoga every minute of your life realizing that union is everywhere and in everything.

    Union of your body and spirit. studying body psychology will really help you to understand that.

    Union of all the people in the world as we all have basically the same needs (food, sleep, communication etc… see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Have only love in your heart for others.
    The more you see the good in them,
    the more you will establish good in yourself…

    every moment being right here right now is practicing yoga. as yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that’s why they call it present…

    your weight is healthy. every yoga class will make you set weight to its healthiest level. just remember DEEP BREATHING during exercise will multiple its effect!!! it doesn’t matter what posture you do but HOW you do it. and use you breath to make a difference.
    though there are some yogic exercises for weight loss.

  • This depends upon your objective. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, you could go as far as doing it for many hours every day. If you’re doing it for exercise, do it as often as your age and health would permit you to do any other kind of exercise. If you want to “learn what yoga IS”, I think you will need to practice at least every other day, and every day is best, even if for only 30 minutes. And definitely combine your practice with reading about yoga, especially in your first years of yoga. Your weight is a non-issue here.

  • Studies show that if you do yoga, 2 times a week, and each yoga session is 90minutes long, you can grow 1cm in 9 weeks.

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