How many times better is the Subconscious mind than the Conscious at processing images or audio?

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For example, Subliminal messages, how many times faster can the subconscious mind see and recognize a fleeting (quickly appearing) image than the conscious (aware) mind?
And processing information from the senses

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Smilin' Bob

Well, I don’t know how to describe how fast the conscious mind works — but I know the subconscious mind works as instantly as the synapses going off in your head. Think of the subconscious as pure animal instinct.
You touch a hot pan, and you pull your hand away. That is the instant overlay and use of information, and it required no conscious thought on your part.
Now, I don’t know what you mean by the word “processing.” It’s kinda like asking how long it takes for a car to process the fact that you’re turning your key in the ignition to start the engine. These are all entirely reactionary.
The feed from subconscious into the conscious is actually something worth study, though. A provocative subliminal message might be picked up because it is deemed entirely relevant; but it’s not unusual for these things to slip us by entirely. The subconscious already sees it, and reacts instantaneously. But the consciousness must be trained to prioritize these things. Kinda like the fly buzzing in the room. You may hear it. You may not hear it. Sometimes, though, you have to TRY to hear it.
So, how much slower is the conscious mind to the subconscious mind? Anywhere from almost just as fast to infinitely slower. =)

Joseph the Second

-Find Me a way to measure “a” Subconscious Mind, & I’ll tell YOU how may “times better”- It IS !!! 😉 In fact, there’s NO Way- of knowing…


I like to use the metaphor of your eyes as the subconscious mind. Your eyes are cameras, and they see everything. Literally, all of the visual information out there. However, your subconscious, almost instantly, filters out 90% of the things you are seeing, and displays them to you. You are looking at your computer screen right now, but what else do you see? A whole lot of stuff, if you just look around!
Your subconscious is also doing thousands of things in a single moment, like removing awareness of the clothes brushing against your body, blinking, and breathing. It’s absolutely incredible what it does, and there is no way we can comprehend it with numbers. It stores information like songs/memories, and they can come back up when a certain emotional response is triggered. There are just too many things that the subconscious does, it is the most incredible multitasker you can imagine.
However, our conscious works best when it is working at a single task. If you think about it, there is no such thing as multitasking in our conscious mind. We are only doing 1 thing at a time, or switching back and forth between tasks very quickly.


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