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How many times a week should I do pilates/yoga?

I am 14 year old girl, almost 50kg or 100 pounds(?). I’m 160cm tall. I want to take Pilates and Bikram yoga 5 times a week. Pilates on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, yoga on Tuesday and Thursday. I don’t know how many minutes. I don’t want to lose weight. I just want to be healthy and toned.


  • You are almost severely underweight. Try eating more and talk to a nutritionist about the exercise.

    ps. 50kg is 110 pounds. 100 pounds is about 44-45 kg (If you get that skinny, I will hunt you down and kill you lol)

  • I wouldn’t buy into any contracts with either pilates or yoga until you’ve tried a full 5 day week personally. Because of the nature of both workouts you should be fine doing that routine – but if you find that you’re getting more and more tired, take a day off. You might be overtraining in that case. Make sure you eat regularly and after every class, that should help keep you healthy and active – and make sure you don’t miss too many days!

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