how many time should we practise yoga per week to get optimum result?

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is it enough if we attend the yoga class once a week?

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How often you do yoga is completely up to you. You will get some benefits no matter how often or long you practice. You could range from every day to once a week, depending on how motivated you are and how much time you have to spare. To progress relatively quickly and really feel in shape and relaxed, I would try three times a week.
Good luck. =)


It’s all up to you, but of course to optimize it you must do it as much as you can … 6-7 days a week, my mom and brother do and they love it. It depends what your working towards, if its just for enjoyment then 1 a week is enough but if you really enjoy it, do it more because it is really good for you.


Imagine you were trying to learn a foreign language, or any new activity.
Would a person studying that language, or practicing that activity only one day a week make as much progress, or recieve as much benefit, as someone doing it five or six days a week?
Probably not.
I practice an Iyengar/Anusara style Hatha yoga.
I take a 90 minute class once a week, and try to practice on my own for one hour, five days a week.
Occasionally I miss one day here and there, but try to never miss two days in a row.
Good luck & Namaste’,


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