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how many tails can naruto have out before he dies from chakra exposure?

ya im really confused about it i have seen naruto fight orochimaru with 4th stage and i was wondering how many tails can be released before he gets killed?
also i know everyone says the 4th is naruto’s dad but if he really is then wouldent that make it all the harder to seal the fox in naruto because of the relationship and wanting to see him grow and succeed in life?


  1. hey idiot how about you read the question before you put stupid answers on someones question i asked what do the symbols mean not what are they for , idiot!

  2. Naruto won’t die from Chakra depletion. As soon as he gets to 5 tails, the Nine Tails starts to take over his body. However, The Kitsune won’t let Naruto die. He’ll need a host body to reach 9 tails. Once the 9 tails are exposed, Naruto is completely gone, both emotionally and spiritually.

  3. At 9 nine tails Naruto will not be alive. The Kyuubi will fully take over. He’s reached 8 tails before fighting Pain (in the Manga not anime yet) and hasn’t died. At 5 tails, he loses consciousness. That’s why when he fought Orochimaru and woke back up after he didn’t remember ever causing harm to Sakura.

  4. These people who are saying 5 need to catch up on their manga. Remember that Naruto’s rage can allow some of the fox’s chakra to “leak” or “bleed” from the seal. He can control (as of now) up to three tails worth of the chakra. If he reaches 4, then he takes on a more Kyubi-monstrous-looking state. (As seen in the fight between Naruto, Yamato, Sakura, and Sai VS Orochimaru & Kabuto.) But, as for death by chakra exposure? After he reaches an amount of tails or chakra he cannot control, a bit more of his body is taken over and controlled by the fox. He could go up to eight tails and remain slightly human, but if nine tails were to somehow make it out then the fox would completely come out and Naruto would die.
    But, this is nearly impossible because Minato (4th Hokage & Naruto’s father) is also in the seal and he controls the fox from coming completely out.
    Hope this helped!! 😉

  5. where i’m at in the manga he got up to 6 tails already but if he goes to nine tails the “Kyuubi” will take over so im gonna say before getting into danger he can probably go up to 7 tails
    i get a thumbs down?? ITS WHERE IM AT IN THE MANGA PEOPLE NOT U. if u so smart then whats ur answer and lets see if its right!!

  6. naruto releases upto 8 tails then goes to completely release the seal but is stopped by the fourth(yes hes naruto’s father its been said in the manga a bunch of times and naruto does find out by the fourth himself that hes his dad)in narutos mind( u no when naruto is standing infront of the giant gate with the ninetails in it)..
    soo he never goes upto all nine but upto eight…
    he wont die but he will lose complete control if all nine tails are released but he can learn to control it like the eight tails or all the other beasts.
    hes still alive he destroyed all of the pein bodies and is speaking to nagato(the real body) right now
    and the fourth hokage didnt want naruto to suffer or anything
    hes allways been deep inside of naruto’s heart watching everything and the fourth set the seal so that once 8 tails were released he would appeare in naruto’s consiousness to stop him or talk to him about unleashing all 9 tails
    the story gets real exciting and we’re learning about peins life and what his true pain is currently in the manga


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