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How many religions practice some degree of “Magick”?

Catholic – communion and wine wash away your sins.
Voodoo – use of oils and plants.

Can you think of others???

And yes, Voodoo is a recognized religion!
Allow me to enlighten some of you.

Voodoo is not black magick.

Magick is the way you spell the word when it is associated with the Magickal Arts. Google it.

Voodoo is a religion that pays homage and asks for guidance from our deceased ancestors.

Finally, the death threat – real mature by the way


  • Heathenry, of course, has the runes and all they entail, as well as seidh, a form of oracular sorcery.

    Personally, I consider blot and sumbel, our basic rites, a form of magick as well: blot brings luck, weal, and prosperity; sumbel directly affects orlog (similar to karma) by rendering words spoken within the ritual context into deeds.

  • Buddhism with reiki (healing through touch) also many Buddhists carry protection amulets and the Tibetans have an official oracle they consult.

    Wiccan do magic (spells). Spiritualism communicates with the ‘other side’. New age uses crystals, herbs and oils.

    Just about every person who believes in a ‘God’ when they pray.

  • I think there is a bit of magic in all religions. Whether people admit it or not. Since one of the definitions of magic is: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source, we can all say to some degree that this applies to us.

    If anyone has used the priesthood for healing, or for blessing the sick, that’s a little bit of magic. Some might say that isn’t magic, that it comes from God. They are right, but it’s still magic.

  • I’m sure there are plenty and they don’t understand what they are doing.

    Oh I love that you got a response to kill people who do black magick. How nice to know someone feels so lovingly against another human.

  • Basically any religion that uses tools or symbols in their celebrations, masses, rituals, etc. are practicing some sort of sympathetic magic. Whether or not they’ll *admit* it, on the other hand, is another story.

  • Whats with everyone spelling magic with a K? There is a huge difference between communion and voodooo. Communion is a tradition, voodo conjures up spirits.

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