How many realize reincarnation is not the all truth and some wonderful thing?

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Because souls procrastinate and and waste time in the spirit worlds too.

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How do you know this?

Susan M

I don’t know any religion that thinks reincarnation is a wonderful thing. The whole point of those religions is to get off the wheel of rebirth and death.

mortoo (not a tea bagger)


AGGY™ 2nd ✗Coming

can you reveal that reincarnation is a fact


reincarnation is the rebirth of a thought over and over again until it is realized. Procrastination is the denial of such a thought, thus, causing the thought to rebirth over and over again until it is realized.

Brother Trucker

You know this how?

Dr. Charles Zaus

Human LightRev, please show us your scientific evidence to support your hypothesis. Human LightRev, I suggest you check your grammar next time. I hope this helps you human.
Doctor Charles Zaus


It’s crazy. If you just do the numbers, reincarnation is impossible. There would have to be more people in earlier times, to make enough to have now. Only gullible people believe in reincarnation.


I realize that your question and your follow up statement make no sense.
First, “time” is simultaneous and, second, what makes you think there is some designated “time slot” of when someone reincarnates?
Would you like to try again?


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