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How many "real people" who have crushes on celebs actually marry them?

Just curious because I used to have a friend who, for the 12 yrs I knew her, went through a whole string of celeb crushes, believing that she and them were soulmates and they were going to meet by chance in the grocery in her one horse town and get married right away. She would also claim to have bizarre “past life regressions” every night involving each of these crushes that she said were more real than her everyday life. It was like watching a trainwreck for years on end because she was dead serious that this was going to happen, yet she also claims she is totally not the stalker type. But she’s very possessive of her current crush even though he is a big name star right now and has her life on hold waiting for her to drop into BFE and rescue her and will not allow any “average” man into her life because he couldn’t possibly compare and she’d be “miserable”.
Is it safe to presume she’s a quack who is simply living a fantasy and that the “man of her dreams” is out of harm’s way?
She even tried to convince me that my soulmate was a celeb as well, regardless of the fact that I couldn’t stand the guy she picked out for me simply because she thought we looked cute together. How can you tell if someone looks cute with someone else if neither of them have ever met and never will?


  1. To answer your question… Does Katie Holmes count? Before she was an actress, Holmes reportedly had Tom Cruise’s poster on her wall during high school and a “major crush” on the guy. For the rest of it, your poor friend! I cannot imagine actually thinking anything would come out of my celebrity crushes… I wish they would but you know. I don’t know if she is a quack, but she certainly sounds like maybe she needs a counselor or a therapist to talk to! ;]

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