• whaa?? man you are ignorant. and fyi- witchcraft is not a faith- therefore observes no holidays. and human sacrficess? seriously, ?? curses? hmm ok not this day and age, only by self acclaimed witchy wannabes trying to sound all tough and cool.

    Side note to the err “wiccan” , think you need to get down from your highhorse and pick up a book or two yourself – then you’d reaise that witchcraft is nothing to do with wicca! seabhac was directing the question at you – for that reason,mate

  • Be gone troll.

    Witchcraft is a practice, not a religion in and of itself, so there are no “holidays” specifically of witchcraft…and human sacrifice is illegal and unethical, I know no witch who engages in such practices.

  • CURSE??? you don’t know the wiccan rede, dude. do some research before getting into it. and… human sacrifice?????!!!!!!! dude what are you DOING?!?!

    Edit: Well obviously I said something about wicca, mate…

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