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How many powers and abilities in The Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood?

I was watching True Blood and was wondering how many powers and abilities are in the books. I haven’t read them yet (but I’m planning on it) and so far all we’ve seen in the TV series seems to be Sookie’s telepathy, Sam’s shape shifting, and whatever the hell is going on with that Maryann chick.
So, are there other powers and abilities? If so, could you please list them for me?


  1. I don’t want to give too much away. But there will be more supes of all shapes and sizes.
    Be ready for more shape shifting, mind readers, beings that smell so good you just want to consume them, beings that can control fire, and maybe a little witch craft tossed in.

  2. ditto to the answer above… they are so good (the books) that you will want to read them all very quickly. Try to read them in order as it makes more sense to the continuity to the stories. I am going thru them now and it is a blast!

  3. well there is that bull-man thing that attacks sookie on the show, and i remember last season sam told sookie that werewolves exist.
    and there is something up with that new girl daphne if she has those scars on her back and is still alive
    and i think there is something up with maryannes pig

  4. The books are quite a bit different from the show. So, it’s hard to say where the show is going to go compared to the books, but in the books there is pretty much anything you can imagine: werewolves, fairies, witches, and so on.
    I highly recommend you start reading the books. The first couple were kind of slow for me, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep reading them, but by the third, you get hooked, and now I’m just wishing and waiting oh-so anxiously for Charlaine Harris to get another one written and published!


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