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How many Planes are in the Astral world?& can you describe them to me???

I heard there are 11….


  1. Hello Rena
    There are many, many levels – in truth probably too many to count.
    Each level a differing vibration from the one below or beside.
    The Astral realm is multi dimensional – so it is a bit like the length of a piece of string.

  2. Rena, this kind of questions are way off my League, so, when I do not answer one like this one, you will know why.

  3. The astral dimension is a plane (dimension) of its own. It is the “emotional” dimension and is one dimension above the physical or material dimension. At the lower level of the astral dimension are the negative emotions; those that keep one bound to the physical dimension and at the upper level are the positive emotions; those that lead one toward the higher causal (mind) and soul (etheric/ethereal) dimensions.
    The astral dimension is the dimension of dreams and emotions. It is totally subjective to duality as is the causal or mental realm-plane-dimension that exists above it. Once one transcends into the Soul dimension (the ethereal realm) duality ceases to exist and all becomes one. The astral plane is where the human concepts of hell and heaven exist, but it is really nothing more than the “emotional body” of our living planet Earth.


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