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How Many People Would Be Interested In Buying Products From A Store Dedicated To Wicca & Pagan Items?

I’m thinking about starting an online store dedicated to Wicca & Pagan items. However, I’d like to know how many people would actually be interested in buying these types of items.
Also, does anyone have any advice for starting an online store?
Thanks for the help 🙂


  1. I know hundreds of people who would be interested in buying from your store.
    Tips: Invest a lot of money in your site. Who’s gonna want to buy stuff from a cheap, low-budget site?

  2. A lot of people would purchase many products for those areas of religion.
    The only area you may have trouble in yould be herbs. Some people are finicky about where their herbs come from.

  3. I personally would not.
    However I would think there is a large enough group of people interested that this would be worthwhile.
    I do not have much advice, however, if I were you I would try and tie Wicca in with “green”. I am thinking Wicca is concerned about the environment, and there are lots of “green” products available for sale.
    However, I have to confess. I am a die hard capitalist. I truly believe that capitalism is the way to go, and some how I have the idea that Pagans would not agree with me. I could be wrong though, you are looking for a way to support your family.

  4. First of all, I greatly prefer to shop online
    from the comfort of home, than to drive
    around in hot weather hoping to get lucky.
    I think the online idea is the way to go,
    but there’s already a lot of competition
    out there, doing that. What would make
    your shop unique and profitable would be
    to carry custom made items, instead of
    the usual mass-produced junk.
    If you can find local silversmiths, leather
    craftsmen, knife-makers, artists, etc. to
    network with and sell for, that would be great.
    Remember, it will be the uniqueness of the
    product that sets you apart. And of course
    you can also carry some mass produced
    stuff as well.


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