How many people who study martial arts incorporate meditation?

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in their training? I personally feel without it, you are simply a good fighter as meditation teaches you to still the mind, but I am interested to know why or why not you meditate if you call yourself a martial artist.

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Bob G

I think you are absoutely right. The lack of mental training defeats the purpose of the art, which is self control and knowledge. Fighting, in any of the true forms of the arts, is to be avoided whenever possible through forethoght and gained wisdom.
I meditate more than I physically practice.


Well meditation is ment to learn self-control and peace and harmony. As for myself I do at times when im upset. As for my martial arts background I have 5 years Karate and 5 years of Judo.


not all martial artists meditate, but in chinese kung fu at least, it can be divided into physical and internal styles. the physical ones are with all the muscle building and stuff, and learning to attack certain points and etc. where as the internal, which incorporate meditation, are used to develop your chi. they say that by using your chi, u can concentrate the energy to parts of yourself and strengthen or u can direct this energy against an opponent.


I don’t think that the % is very high. I use it.


I don’t meditate. I’m a Muay Thai fighter. I train to kick ass. Yes go ahead and call me names. However in the end not many people here would step in the ring with me.


I’ve been doing karate for 28 years and I don’t meditate at all. At least, not the kind where you sit and do nothing else. I’ve tried it and it never really clicked for me. Moving meditation – like running long distance, walking up mountains -that’s great stuff. But I don’t much like sitting still. When I get old and am too feeble to do the physical stuff any more – that’s when I plan on refocusing on meditation.


I do. I meditate daily.
I do it to find my center, keep my heart rate down, reduce stress, gain my inner perception.
I love fighting and training in self defense but the most likely thing to take my life is not a bad guy in a fight but a heart problem ( number one killer of men). So, I meditate to keep calm. Things at work don’t rattle me like they do to the people around me. I see a difference in my ability to control stress and myself versus those who do not meditate.


Yes absolutely, I always sit down to meditate for at least a few minutes, especially right before class to clear my mind and focus on the class ahead.
I think it’s important to incorporate some time to meditation to keep oneself focused on whatever it is in life that you have to do, whether it’s class, work, or things at home.


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