Home Discussion Forum How many people on YA owns a crystal ball?

How many people on YA owns a crystal ball?

How do you know Obama is going to fail?


  1. Because although his ideas would be “change” for us, they are not new ideas and they have failed everywhere they’ve been tried.

  2. Knowledge of history, common sense, and my gut are all saying the same thing. I hope he does well, but he probably won’t.

  3. Life experience. Obama Lacks it.
    That’s why.
    That and he’s practically blowing Clintons Agenda. Yeah….Clintons Agenda Got US real far……..Debt Debt Debt………

  4. I don’t have one. But I do employ an old-fashioned tactic to predict such things. It’s rarely used by the general public much in the same way that people don’t actually WRITE letters anymore. Common sense and logic. He has given every indication with the plans he has and is going through with that it will be a failure. No one really wishes for him to fail. Believe me…I so hope he doesn’t. But again, he is pushing (and succeeding) tactics that have historically not worked and will guarantee that we end up worse than we are now.

  5. Well I actually do own a crystal ball. Obama isn’t going to fail any more than any other President. How about that buddy??

  6. Bah! After Bush, ANYTHING is an improvement. I don’t think Obama will fail, because things can’t get much worse than they are. I hope.


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